IELTS Vocabulary on Colours | Answer Questions on Colour.

colour vocabulary for IELTS

Our team have some IELTS vocabulary on colours for you and some real IELTS speaking questions on colours, too. Check our video and answer the questions that we have collected from real tests.

Practising for fluency means that you must speak English, and the good news is, you just need to answer a few IELTS style questions every day to begin to become more fluent. You don’t even need someone to listen to you to become more fluent; in some ways, it is similar to training at the gym or learning the piano because it is about brain and body coordination.

Watch this video on how to speak about useful IELTS vocabulary on colours then practice with the questions below. Read out each question and then answer it. It is that simple. Make yourself start speaking right away without pausing to think for too long a time.


Have you got a pen and paper ready so that you can give yourself one minute to prepare for the cue card?

ere are some IELTS speaking questions on colours

Part 1 (Try to answer with at least three sentences for each question.

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Is this the same colour you preferred when you were a child?
  • How have your preferences in colours changed?

Cue card

Describe a colourful place you once visited.

You should say:

  • Where it was.
  • Why you were there.
  • Who you were with.
  • How it was colourful.

And explain how it made you feel to be there.

Part 3 (answer for one minute each question)

  • Do women and men like to wear the same colours?
  • In your culture, are there any colours with specific meanings?
  • How do you think colour affects people’s moods?

For more IELTS vocabulary on colours and handy collocations check out Ozdic the wonderful collocation dictionary.

Remember, you can book a class with Kate to discuss your answers or practice the words that you have learned in this post. Remember, you can book a class with Kate to discuss your answers or practice the words that you have learned in this post. 

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