Buildings We Live In – An IELTS Practice Speaking Test

talk about buildings IELTS
Have you got a pen and paper ready so that you can give yourself one minute to prepare for the cue card?

Here are the questions:

Part 1 (Try to answer with at least three sentences for each item.

  1. What sort of place do you live in?
    • (Hint: Do you live in a house or a flat? Your place = your home)
  2. Is this the same kind of place you lived in as a child?
    • (Hint: I used to… I’ve lived there for… On balance, I prefer where I am living now, but…)
  3. If you could change the place where you live, what kind of place would you choose?
    • (Hint: Well, if I got the chance, I’d move somewhere bigger/smaller/in the country/right in the city centre, because…)

Describe a house you remember visiting as a child.

You should say:

Where it was
Why you went there?
What it looked like.
And explain why you remember it.

Part 3 (answer for one minute each question)

  1. Do women and me like to decorate their houses the same way?
  2. Do people in your country tend to rent or buy their homes?
  3. Is affordable housing a problem in your country? Who does this affect the most?

Discussion question:

The picture featured in this article is a black and white cottage in a village in the UK. Are there any particular kinds of houses in the country you grew up in? Why are they unique?

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